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Meet the Doctor Visit

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“Meet the Doctor” Visit for Expecting Parents:

When: Second and Fourth Wednesday of every month – 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Where: Gateway Pediatrics Office

Fee: Complimentary

Includes: Class on baby care basics by Lisa Scott, RN, refreshments, educational materials and customized breastfeeding friendly diaper bag from Cottonwood Kids.

Please use this form when you come in to “Meet the Doctor”.

Parents value their child’s health and place a high priority on choosing a Pediatrician who shares their values and health care beliefs. Parents are able to make an informed choice regarding their child’s Pediatrician by meeting Dr. Sudha and taking a tour of the office. The visit is scheduled in groups of up to 10 parents (5 couples) and is conducive to busy working families. Parents also have the opportunity to meet privately with Dr. Sudha after the group meeting/class. Expecting parents, prospective grandparents and older siblings are welcome to attend and meet Dr. Sudha personally. Common questions about the history, credentials, services, office policies and philosophy of Gateway Pediatrics are discussed in a relaxed, informal setting.

Some Topics Covered at the “Meet the Doctor” Visit:

Hospital procedures for labor and delivery, rounding by Pediatric Hospitalists IPC at Chandler Regional Medical Center and Phoenix Children’s Medical Group (PCMG) at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center.

Routine Hospital Newborn Procedures:

Office Policies and Information: