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Steps To Breastfeeding Success


  1. Make a commitment to breastfeed:
    • Take a breastfeeding class, read about breastfeeding
    • Talk to a friend who has successfully breastfed
    • Shop for comfortable breastfeeding clothing suitable for breastfeeding
  2. Find a Pediatric practice committed to breastfeeding:
    • Join us for a “Meet The Doctor” visit
    • We have 3 in-house IBCLCs (Board Certified Lactation Consultants)
    • Discuss your personal goals for breastfeeding with us
  3. Explore breastfeeding resources at the hospital where you plan to deliver:
    • Dr. Sudha and Sandra Sexton CPNP will help moms at Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert Medical Centers when making newborn rounds
    • IBCLCs make a difference and are on staff at all hospitals
    • Be sure to ask for help at the hospital!
  4. Tell the hospital you are a breastfeeding mom:
    • Ask labor and delivery staff to assist you with breastfeeding in the first hour after birth
    • Avoid using pacifiers and sugar water supplementation
    • Avoid using artificial nipples, bottles and formula unless specifically recommended for medical reasons by your Pediatrician
  5. Breastfeed early and breastfeed often:
    • Babies are alert and ready to nurse in the first “golden hour” after birth
    • Breastfeed on demand, usually every 1-3 hours
    • Look at the baby’s cues NOT the clock when breastfeeding
    • Monitor baby’s wet and soiled diapers by age to ensure adequate milk intake
  6. “Room in” with your baby and do “Kangaroo Care”:
    • Hold your baby skin-to-skin as much as possible
    • Encourage Dad to do kangaroo care
    • Watch for baby’s hunger cues and avoid waiting till baby is crying and frantic
    • It’s difficult for a mom to latch a hungry crying baby at breast
  7. Take care of yourself:
    • Rest when the baby sleeps so you are rested for the next feed
    • Eat a well balanced diet with 500 extra nutritious calories
    • Stays hydrated and avoid feeling thirsty
    • Continue your prenatal vitamins, calcium and Vitamin D supplements when breastfeeding
  8. Get help from your partner/family:
    • Encourage your partner/family to hold the baby skin-to-skin

    • Your partner’s support and encouragement is crucial for breastfeeding success
    • Check out “Dad’s Role in Breastfeeding
  9. Be patient:

    • The first week is crucial for mom and baby
    • It’s a learning experience for both of you
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  10. Early and regular follow up with your Doctor::

    • At Gateway Pediatrics we will see you 1-2 days after hospital discharge
    • We monitor baby’s weight closely in the first few weeks
    • We screen moms for post partum depression and ensure mom’s well being when breastfeeding